Air & Nitrox Fill Station

On-the-Spot Air & Nitrox fills available at Sydney Dive Safari

We have a state of the art high pressure compressor filling system and a Nuvair Nitrox Generator equipped with gas monitoring which enables us to give you fast, efficient quality air and nitrox fills on the spot. We have invested heavily in our membrane system and bank EAN32 which saves you both time and money!

If you would like to learn more about Enriched Air Nitrox and our system please come in as we would love to give you a quick tour of our store and overview of our setup. Nitrox Courses are also run regularly and can be conducted in conjunction with any course so check our schedule for dates so you too can enjoy the benefits from diving on NITROX!

We also gas blend mixes of nitrox up to 100% oxygen so technical divers and rebreather users are also supported.

Fill Rates

Air Fill $10 $8
Air Fill Card (buy 10 get 1 free) $100 $80
EAN32  $15 $12
 EAN32 Fill Card (buy 10 get 1 free) $150 $120
 21/32 Fill Card* Club Members Only $349
Other Nitrox Blend (up to 100% O2) 4 cents / L + $20 blending fee 4 cents / L + $20 blending fee

* 21/32 Fill Card includes 12 months of air and 32% nitrox fills with maximum two fills per day (cylinder MUST be owned by card holder)