Freedive Training

Freedive Training with Sydney Freedivers and Sydney Dive Safari

After you have completed your freediving course with Sydney Dive Safari weekly pool training sessions are available with Sydney Freedivers. Join Sydney Freedivers on their facebook page to stay up to date with weekly training sessions and other Sydney freediving events. If you are after depth training, join us on any of our social freedives for over to 20 meters of depth!


Sydney Freedivers

sydneyfreedivers_reverseSydney Feedivers is the first fully insured and operating Freediving club in Australia. They are dedicated to increasing the quality of divers through the application of good technique and steady training while maintaining a high level of diver safety. The Sydney Freedivers club started up late 2007 and we have divers training in up to 8 different locations around Sydney with members doing between one and three nights a week in a pool. It is not unusual to have 10 - 15 divers training on any of the training nights.

Freediving is diving free of any breathing apparatus. It is the basis of many underwater sports and activities including recreational snorkelling, underwater rugby, underwater photography and spearfishing. It even has an application in big wave riding, preparing surfers for lengthy “hold downs” with breath holding techniques. In recent years freediving as a sport has expanded across the world and there is now a fast growing interest in Australia.


Sydney Freediving Pool Training Sessions

Day Time Location Cost Details
Thursday 7 pm Coogee Diggers Club Pool $6 for club members 25m pool; quiet, warm pool the club has been using for years
Friday 8 - 9 pm Knox Grammer Pool, Wahroonga $7 per session 25m pool; contact Jack Hatfield 

* Before you join our training sessions you must complete a Safety Induction. These are held once a month and anyone can come along to see what our club is all about. The night cost $10 plus the pool fee at the venue and you will find all information posted nearer to the event on the facebook page.


Depth Training with Sydney Dive Safari