Refresher Course

Complete Your Refresher Course with Sydney Dive Safari

Has it be a while since your last dive or are you feeling a little rusty? Refresh your dive skills and renew your passion for the underwater world!

Refreshers are a quick tune up designed to have you feeling safe, comfortable and having fun underwater again. You may have been asked to complete a refresher if it has been more than 12 months since your last dive. Some dive operators around the world make refresher dives compulsory so make sure you are current before you head off on that next dive adventure.

Our refreshers typically meet at 8am Saturday and Sunday, and 11am Monday-Friday.

  • All scuba diving equipment is supplied.
  • Free transport is provided to the dive site.
  • Refresher conducted in the ocean at one of our easy "confined water" dive sites, not in the pool.
  • Knowledgable and experienced instructors.
  • Rinsing facilities available after at our shop.

During the Refresher Course you will reacquaint yourself with your equipment, locating and clearing your regulator, clearing your mask, buoyancy control and your emergency “out of air” skills.

Be certified as an SSI Open Water Diver / SSI Junior Open Water Diver, or hold an equivalent certification from another recognised certification agency.

This course is subject to Sydney Dive Safari's normal Terms & Conditions.