Spearfishing with Sydney Dive Safari

You might be new to the sport or an experienced spearfisher looking to improve your breath-hold performance. The first step, is to complete your Level 1 Freediving Course. This course covers basic knowledge on safety, breathing techniques, equipment selection and we also introduce you to the science of freediving.

For many, snorkelling and spearfishing is the first experience into the underwater world and the start of an underwater journey of discovery. Here at Sydney Dive Safari we fully embrace the art of spearfishing and recognise it as a major driver for people entering into the underwater world across the world.

We encourage, promote and educate people on safe, responsible spearfishing and when conducted properly it is a very "eco friendly " form of fishing. At times it offers a physical and mentally challenging experience which excites many. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle and an affinity with the sea and nature for many as well as giving participants years of fun and enjoyment.


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