Specialty Courses

Continuing Your Education with Sydney Dive Safari

It is no secret that scuba diving is quite addictive. If you have decided that diving is a sport you want to really immerse yourself in, then it is time for you to discover Continuing Education at Sydney Dive Safari. As you begin to dive more frequently and gain experience, you may find yourself wanting to venture deeper than 30 metres or explore more challenging environments. The Continuing Education Program uses a flexible, menu-based, streamlined, and economical approach. There are exciting opportunities for everyone whether it be an easy dive, floating mid water watching the world go by or an action packed deep wreck dive. Sydney Dive Safari has courses for every level, beginner to instructor in almost every type of diving environment. Choose your personal combination of training and diving experience to reach your diving goals today! 


Specialty Courses

Enrolling in a specialty course is a great way to hone your skills and learn some new ones. Each specialty will provide you certain benefits and get you one step closer to your ultimate dive experience. Our goal is to prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead, as well as make sure you have a good time doing it! You'll be confident and comfortable so you can dive independently of your instructor and really enjoy yourself. 

With Sydney Dive Safari, you can take the specialty courses that are of interest to you or take advantage of our specialty combo deals and save time and money.