Technical Courses

Become a Technical Diver with Sydney Dive Safari

xrDo you want to stay down a little longer, go a little deeper or explore a little further? If so, Sydney Dive Safari's range of technical programs is exactly what you are looking for. Technical programs are designed to take your diving to the next level. Whether you are looking for the excitement of deep diving, going beyond recreational diving limits, significantly extending your bottom time or enjoying the thrill of exploring deep reefs, wrecks and caves, tech diving provides the training and experience necessary to complete your new adventure with confidence and skill.

Technical programs are more challenging, developing the diver to dive beyond recreational limits and incur decompression obligations. Academically you will advance your knowledge and understanding of principles, procedures and theories specific to diving safely with a decompression ceiling. You will adapt your existing equipment or be introduced to new equipment concepts and the technically oriented dive setup. You will also learn and master new skills designed to enhance your safety and enjoyment using this new equipment design. During your program your instructor will cover everything from proper buoyancy, propulsion, equipment management and effective decompression. Whatever your current level of training, tech diving will challenge and thrill you mentally and physically.

Are you ready to "extend your range of diving"? There is no quick way to safe technical diving, so time underwater and many hours of practice are just some of the requirements to becoming a technical diver. Are you ready for that commitment? The risks are greater and the benefits are deeper!