Try Freediving

Try Freediving with Sydney Dive Safari

Looking for a new adventure? Try Freediving! It’s your opportunity to discover the magical world of colourful fish and living reefs in your very own backyard!

No matter where you live, freediving is an exhilarating, year-round activity. Whether it’s exploring a beautiful ocean reef, a local lake or river, there is a freediving experience close by. Freediving Sydney is just on your doorstep!

The Try Freediving Experience provides you with an introduction to the proper skills and knowledge used to freedive depths up to 5 meters in a pool or confined water environment. You will develop the necessary skills to train your body to be more efficient with oxygen, gain better respiration and muscle flexibility.

If you love freediving, you can continue on to the Level 1 Freediving Course and learn skills to take your freediving to the next level!

  • No experience is required, making the course ideal for beginners.
  • Experience the rush of freediving without tests and knowledge overloading.
  • Training conducted in a heated pool.
  • Maximum 8:1 student to instructor ratio.
  • Knowledgable and experienced instructors.
  • All equipment required is supplied.

The Try Freediving Experience runs over a day approximately. We meet all participants at our store so we can fit you out with equipment and go over paperwork. Once at the pool you will receive a brief overview explaining relaxation techniques, basic freediving skills, some knowledge about freediving and the rules that need to be followed for your safety when you freedive.

  • The minimum age to participate is 12 years old (a parent's or guardian's consent is required for participants under 18 years old.)
  • All participants must complete a Medical Questionnaire. If any of the questions are flagged as "Yes" you will need to gain medical clearance from a doctor prior to participating. Please ensure you complete this Medical Questionnaire before the start of your Freediving Course.
  • You must be able to swim 200 metres without stopping. There is no time limit for this and you may use any swimming stroke(s) you want.

This tour is subject to Sydney Dive Safari's normal Terms & Conditions.